Dental Scaling

Four of five dogs have oral health issues.

Routine veterinary care, in conjunction with oral maintenance, can contribute to keeping your pet healthy.

The Facts:

  • Four of five dogs have oral health issues.
  • Bones and specialized pet treats alone won’t keep your dog’s teeth clean.
  • Like humans, most pets need thorough scaling, flossing and polishing to keep their teeth in prime shape.
  • Regular cleaning and flossing can make your pet's breath much more pleasant to live with!
  • Hand scrapers damage the enamel, creating a rough surface on the tooth, which will eventually create another problem of attracting more tarter.

We Provide:

  • A safe, effective and low cost alternative to traditional anesthetic teeth cleaning.
  • Use ultrasonic teeth cleaning machine for the gentlest and least stressful cleaning possible.
  • Cleans quickly and painlessly, without the risks of sedation.
  • NO NO NO anesthesia!